can a twic card be used for tsa precheck

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No, a TWIC card cannot be used for TSA Precheck.

TWIC cards are required for workers who need unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses this program to determine whether an individual poses a threat to transportation security.

Individuals who have been approved for TSA Precheck are not required to obtain a TWIC card.

However, individuals who hold a TWIC card may be eligible for other expedited screening opportunities, such as Global Entry or NEXUS.

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Where is my TSA PreCheck number on my card?

Your TSA PreCheck number can be found on your card, typically in the upper right-hand corner.

If you cannot find your number or have misplaced your card, you can contact TSA directly at 1-855-347-8371 to retrieve your number.


Where is the traveler number on the TWIC card?

The traveler number is located on the back of the TWIC card, in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you look at the card from the back, it will say “traveler number” followed by a nine-digit number.

This is your traveler number and you should keep it safe and secure.

Is TWIC the same as TSA PreCheck?

No, TWIC is not the same as TSA PreCheck. TWIC stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential and is required for anyone who needs unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels.

TSA PreCheck, on the other hand, is a voluntary program that streamlines the airport security screening process for low-risk flyers.

Can you use TWIC for Precheck?

No, you cannot use your TWIC card for Precheck. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is a tamper-resistant biometric credential issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that is required for all maritime workers who need unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, vessels, and Outer Continental Shelf facilities.

TWIC cards cannot be used in place of background checks or other security measures required by the TSA for the Precheck program.

If you have any questions about using your TWIC card, please contact the TSA at 1-866-289-9673.

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