Can I wear AirPods after getting my ears pierced?

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If your piercer was using sterile equipment and did the piercing correctly, then there shouldn’t be any issues with wearing AirPods.

The main thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your earrings are fully healed before putting in anything else, as this can cause further irritation.

When cleaning your new piercings, use a product specifically designed for body piercings and follow the instructions carefully.

Once your ears are healed, you can start wearing AirPods!


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Can you wear AirPods with new piercings?


Yes, you can absolutely wear AirPods with new piercings! In fact, many people find them more comfortable than traditional earbuds.

Just make sure to clean your AirPods and pierced ears regularly to avoid infection.

And if you’re having any pain or irritation, consult a doctor or piercer.


What should I avoid after ear piercing?


There are a few things you should avoid after getting your ears pierced in order to ensure proper healing.

These include:

-touching or fiddling with the piercings
-wearing earrings that are not made of surgical steel, gold, or titanium
-exposing the piercings to dirty environments (including swimming pools and hot tubs)
-sleeping on your side or stomach if your piercings are not yet fully healed

Following these simple guidelines will help you avoid any complications and enjoy your new piercings!

Can I wear headphones after lobe piercing?

Answer: It is generally safe to wear headphones after lobe piercing, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that the earphones you use are designed for use with lobe piercings.

If they’re not, they could put too much pressure on your piercing and cause it to close up.

Second, be sure to clean your earphones thoroughly before using them, as you don’t want to reintroduce any bacteria into the area.

Finally, listen to music at a moderate volume so that you don’t irritate the pierced area.


Can you wear Airpods with earrings?

It is generally safe to wear Airpods with earrings.

However, because they are wireless and contain small electronics, you may want to take precautions such as keeping them out of reach of young children or using an airtight case if you plan on putting them in your ears frequently.

Additionally, be sure to never sleep with them in your ears since this could lead to interference or loss of audio quality.

What ear piercings affect earbuds?

Ear piercings that use earrings, such as conch or French hook piercings, can affect the fit of earbuds.

Earrings can pull on the cords inside your ears and compromise seal quality.

If you are using a pair of wireless headphones, it is best to remove any unprotected earring before pairing them with your device.