does pending on snapchat mean blocked

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Pending on Snapchat means that the person you’re trying to reach is either offline or their status is set to Do Not Disturb. If someone’s Snapchat account is Pending, it usually means that they’ve blocked you.

Does pending on Snapchat mean they blocked you?


Pending on Snapchat can mean a few different things. If you’re trying to add a new friend and they appear as pending, it means that they haven’t yet accepted your friend request. If someone you’re already friends with appears as pending, it means that they have not yet opened your chat. Lastly, if you see someone who is usually active on Snapchat appearing as pending, it may mean that they have blocking you.

What does pending with a grey arrow mean?


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What is the difference between blue pending and grey pending on Snapchat?

Answer: Blue pending means that your message is sending, and grey pending means that your message has been sent but not yet viewed by the recipient. The double check mark indicates that the person has seen it.

If you send a lot of snaps to someone and they always have a blue pending status, it usually means they have their Snapchat notifications turned off. Alternatively, if their phone is dead or they’ve switched to airplane mode, their snaps will also show as blue pending. If you’re trying to contact someone and all your snaps are stuck on blue pending, try contacting them through another method like texting or calling!

How do you tell if someone Unadded you on Snapchat?


When you open Snapchat, there are three main screens you can access. The first is your feed, where you can see updates from all the friends you follow. If someone has unfollowed or blocked you, their account will no longer appear here.

The second screen is the Snap Map, which shows the location of your friends who have opted in to sharing their location with you. If someone has unchecked the box next to their name on the My Friends page, they will no longer appear on the map.

The final screen is your Stories page. This is where you can view public stories posted by anyone, as well as any stories that have been shared with you privately. If someone has removed you from

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