how much to ship 65 inch tv

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how much to ship 65 inch tv It depends on a few factors, including the size and weight of the TV, the shipping company you use, and your location.

For example, UPS typically charges $120 to ship a 65-inch TV within the continental United States.

how much does it cost to ship a 65 inch tv
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How do you transport a 65-inch TV?

Answer: If you’re asking how to move a TV that is 65 inches or less in size, there are a few options. You can either use a small flat-screen TV stand or mount the TV on the wall.

If you need to move a TV that is larger than 65 inches, then you will likely need to use a professional moving company. They will have the proper equipment and experience to safely transport your television.


Is 65 inch TV allowed in flight?

There is no definitive answer as airlines can change their policies at any time. However, typically a 65-inch TV would be allowed on a flight as it would fall within the size restrictions for checked luggage.

Always check with your airline beforehand to confirm any size restrictions that may apply.

What is the maximum size of TV allowed in flight?

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines prohibit any object in the passenger cabin that is larger than 9 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 1.5 inches deep. This includes televisions.

So the maximum size TV you would be able to bring on board as a carry-on item would be 9 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 1.5 inches deep.

Can you ship a TV on a plane?

Most planes have luggage compartments that can accommodate a small to medium-sized television. However, you will need to take some special precautions to ensure that your TV arrives safely.

First, be sure to choose a sturdy box for shipping. Boxes designed specifically for TVs are available from many retailers.

Second, wrap your TV in padding (bubble wrap or foam sheets) to protect it from bumps and jostles during the flight. Third, clearly label the box with your contact information and “FRAGILE” so that airline staff will handle it with care.