how to find out who sent you a package

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Answer: It depends on the package. If it was sent through the mail, your local post office can tell you who sent it and what address it was sent to. If it was hand delivered, then the delivery person would have a note with that information. Hope that helps!

Can you tell where a package originated from by tracking number?


Yes, you can usually tell where a package originated from by its tracking number. The first two letters of the tracking number typically indicate the country of origin, followed by a series of numbers that identify the specific sender and recipient. For example, a tracking number that starts with “US” would likely be from the United States, while one that starts with “CN” would likely be from China.

What is a brushing scheme?


Brushing schemes are methods for brushing your teeth that have been developed to help you clean them more thoroughly. There are many different schemes, but one of the most popular is the Bass Method.

The Bass Method involves brushing your teeth in a circular pattern, with gentle pressure on the toothbrush. You should start at the gum line and brush in a circular pattern, moving up towards the top of the tooth. Then, brush the back side of the teeth in a similar manner. Finish by brush your tongue (or use a tongue scraper).

Why did I get a random package in the mail?

Answer: It’s possible that you were randomly selected to participate in a marketing research study. Market research companies often send out packages to random individuals in order to collect data about consumer preferences.

Alternatively, it’s also possible that you may have subscribed to a mailing list or donated to a charity organization and inadvertently provided your contact information. In either case, it’s probably best to check the contents of the package before disposing of it. There may be something inside that you’ll want or need.

Can you keep stuff delivered by mistake?


If the item delivered was addressed to you and it was not listed as a perishable item, then legally you can keep it. The argument could be made that since it was an honest mistake, the company that sent the item to you should absorb the cost of their error. If you contact the company and they agree to reimburse you, then great! However, if they do not want to or refuse to, then keeping the item is technically within your rights.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the company could take legal action against you for keeping their merchandise, but it seems unlikely that they would actually go through with this given the circumstance. So ultimately it is up to you whether or not you want to keep

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