how to get tweets from Twitter API on android

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There are a few different ways that you can get tweets from Twitter’s API. The easiest way is to use an external service like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. These services allow you to easily monitor and tweet from your accounts using their respective platforms.

Alternatively, you can also build a simple app that accesses the Twitter API directly on your mobile device. This method is more difficult but may be preferable if you’re looking for complete control over how your tweets are displayed and handled.

How do I use Twitter API on Android?

If you’re looking to develop an app that utilizes Twitter API, then Android is the platform for you. The Twitter API allows access to various useful data streams from tweets including user demographics, trends, and more. Additionally, it’s possible to automate certain tasks related to tweeting such as scheduling Tweets or sending automatic replies.

To get started with using the Twitter API on Android, first make sure that your application has been granted write permissions by logging into your account and going to From here, click on “Application Keys” under “Keys & Access Tokens.” Next, select “Create New Key” and provide a name for your key (e.g., “Twitter_API”).

Can you get old tweets from Twitter API?

Yes, you can get old tweets from Twitter API. You’ll need to create a new project using the Twitter API and authenticate your account. Once you have done this, you will be able to retrieve all the tweets that were sent from your account over a specific period of time.

How do I use the Twitter API app?

To get started using Twitter’s API, you first need to create an application from and provide your authentication credentials (if applicable). After that, all you need to do is set up a few details about your project and begin sending tweets!
To send a tweet using the API, you will need to include the following information in your request:
-The text of the tweet you want to send
-A metadata field that includes important info about the tweet such as its desired location onscreen (e.g., top right or bottom left), size, etc.

How do I get a Twitter API request?

There are a few different ways that you can get an API request, including using Twitter’s developer portal or by developing a custom app. If you’d like to use the developer portal, first make sure that your account has been authorized, and then go to Once there, click on the “Create New Project” button and select “Twitter Development.”
From here, you will be guided through the process of setting up your project parameters and obtaining an access token. After this is completed, you will be able to obtain various resources such as developer Tools for Android and ios and real-time data streams from Twitter.

Can I use Twitter API for free?

While Twitter does not offer a free API, there are many third-party services that do. These allow you to access various parts of the platform without needing to create an account or pay any fees. For example, Hootsuite allows you to manage all your accounts in one place, and TweetDeck gives you full control over your timeline and tweets. Both of these services have free versions that enable limited use.

How do you use Tweepy?

Tweepy is a free tool that allows you to track your Twitter account and analyze the data in various ways. You can see how many followers you have, who your top followers are, what kind of tweets perform well, and more. Tweepy also gives you access to trends over time so that you can better understand which topics or keywords are gaining popularity on Twitter.

This information can then be used to develop content that is relevant to those interests. Tweepy also offers features such as auto-following and unfollowing so that your Twitter account remains active and engaged without having to manually follow or unfollow every person who follows you.