how to know if someone deleted their Instagram account

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There isn’t a surefire way to know if someone has deleted their Instagram account, but there are a few things you can check that may give you a clue.

If you search for the person’s username on Instagram and they don’t come up, that could be a sign that they’ve deleted their account. Another thing to look for is whether or not their profile picture and bio are still visible on the app – if they’re not, this could also indicate that the account has been deleted.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the person has simply changed their username or made their account private, so these clues shouldn’t be taken as definitive proof that an Instagram account has been deleted.

What happens when you delete your Instagram account?


Like any other social media platform, when you delete your Instagram account, all of your data is erased. This includes your posts, photos, comments, likes, and follows. Basically, everything associated with your account is gone forever.

So, why would someone want to delete their account in the first place? There could be a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re just sick of social media and want to take a break.

Or maybe they’re concerned about privacy and don’t want their personal data floating around online. Whatever the reason, once you’ve made the decision to delete your account, it’s pretty straightforward to do.

Why does it say user not found on Instagram?


There are a few different reasons why you might see the “user not found” message on Instagram. One possibility is that the account you’re trying to view has been deleted.

Another possibility is that the account is private and you’re not following them, so you can’t see their photos or videos.

Finally, it’s possible that the username you’re trying to view simply doesn’t exist. If you’re sure you’re entering the correct username but still seeing this message, it’s best to reach out to Instagram directly for help.

Can you see who views your Instagram?


Yes. Instagram has a feature that allows you to see the people who have viewed your profile. To view this feature, go to your profile and click on “Insights” (the bar graph icon at the top of your screen). Then, scroll down to the “Photos” section and click on “Views”. This will show you a list of the people who have viewed your photos in the last 7 days.

How can I see who blocked me on Instagram?


There is no official way to see who has blocked you on Instagram, as the app does not keep track of this information. However, there are a few methods that you can use to try and figure out who has blocked you.

First, check your list of followers and see if any users that you suspect have blocked you are no longer on the list. If they have disappeared from your follower list, it’s likely that they’ve either blocked you or deleted their account entirely.

Another method is to search for a specific user that you think may have blocked you. If their profile doesn’t show up in the search results, it’s possible that they’ve hidden their account or blocked you.