how to see mutual friends between two friends on Instagram

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Unfortunately, there is no way to see mutual friends between two friends on Instagram.

The only way to view mutual friends is through the friend’s mutual followers list.

However, there are a few workarounds that you can use in order to find out if your friends are following each other.

One workaround is to create a fictitious Instagram account and then follow both of your friends.

Once you have followed them, go to their profiles and click on the Followers tab.

If they are following each other, their mutual followers will be listed under the Followers tab.


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How can you see mutual friends of someone else on Instagram?


There isn’t a specific function on Instagram that enables you to see someone else’s mutual friends, but there are a few workaround methods you can use.

One option is to view the profile of one of the person’s mutual friends and scroll through their followers list.

If the person you’re trying to see mutual friends with is following any of the same people as the friend whose profile you’re viewing, their username will pop up in the followers list.

Another method is to try searching for the person’s username on Facebook.

If they have their Instagram account linked to their Facebook profile, then their mutual friends should appear under the “Friends” section on their Facebook Profile.


How can I see two friends mutual friends?

Answer: The easiest way to see your friends’ mutual friends is to go to your friends list and click on the friend whose mutual friends you want to see.

Once you’re on their profile, click the ” Mutual Friends ” link near the top of their profile.

A box will appear with a list of that person’s mutual friends with you.

If you don’t see the Mutual Friends link, it’s likely because one (or both) of you has a privacy setting turned on that hides that information from people who aren’t confirmed friends.

Another way to find out if you have mutual friends with someone is by looking at someone’s profile and seeing if there is a number next to the “Friends” section.


Can you see all mutual friends?

Answer: While you are unable to see a list of all your mutual friends at once, there is a way to view them.

To do so, go to your own profile and click on the tab that says “Friends.” From there, hover your mouse over the profile picture of one of your friends until a pop-up box appears.

In that box, it will say how many mutual friends you have with that person.

So while you can’t see all your mutual friends in one go, this method allows you to see how many mutual friends each of your contacts has with ease.


How do you know if people follow each other on Instagram?


There are several ways to tell if people are following each other on Instagram.

The most obvious way is to look at the number of followers each person has. If one person has significantly more followers than the other, it’s likely that they’re following each other.

Another way to tell is to look at the kinds of comments and interactions people are having with each other’s posts.

If someone consistently likes or comments on another person’s photos, it’s a good indication that they’re following them.

Lastly, you can check if people are following each other by looking at their Individual social media pages.

Most platforms have a way of showing who someone is Following, and you can usually see this information.