how to see the exact time of an instagram post

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To see the exact time of an Instagram post, simply hover over the timestamp on the post. A pop-up window will appears showing the date and time that the post was published.

Keep in mind that Instagram uses Pacific Standard Time (PST) for all timestamps, regardless of your location. So if you’re in a different time zone, you’ll need to convert the timestamp to your local time.

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Does Instagram show timestamps?

Yes, Instagram shows a timestamp for when each photo or video was posted.

To view the timestamp, simply hover over the post and it will appear in the bottom left corner.

Keep in mind that timestamps are shown in the user’s local time zone.


Is Instagram time accurate?

Yes, Instagram time is accurate. The photo-sharing app uses a timestamp system that correlates with the timezone of your device, so when you post a photo, it will be stamped with the correct time.

This is helpful if you’re trying to keep track of when certain events happened or want to make sure your photos are in chronological order.

How do I convert time stamps to dates?

There are a number of ways to convert timestamps to dates. One approach is to use a tool like the Unix date command. This command takes a timestamp as input and returns the corresponding date.

Another approach is to use a programming language like Python or Perl. These languages provide libraries that make it easy to parse and format time stamps.

If you need to do this conversion frequently, it might be worth writing a script or program to automate the task. This can save you a lot of time in the long run.

What is the timestamp value?

The timestamp value is the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight, January 1, 1970, UTC.

What is the UTC time stamp?

UTC timestamp is a timestamp that indicates the Universal Coordinated Time. It is usually used to indicate the time of an event that happened or will happen in different parts of the world. It is written as UTC+/-H: MM.

The “+” sign indicates that the timestamp is ahead of UTC by H number of hours and MM number of minutes. The “-” sign on the other hand, indicates that the timestamp is behind UTC by H number of hours and MM number rounds off minutes.

Usually, events are timestamped using Coordinated Universal Time to prevent ambiguities that might occur due to differences in local time zones.