how to see through black marker on iphone

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Answer: Although there are a number of ways to try to remove permanent marker from an iPhone, the best and most effective way is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

To begin, wet the Magic Eraser and then rub it over the permanent marker. Continue rubbing until the black marker is removed. If there is any residual color after cleaning, just use a little bit of water to rinse it off. The Magic Eraser is a great way to remove any type of dirt or stains from surfaces, so it’s definitely worth keeping one in your cleaning arsenal.’

How do I show a blacked out text?

Answer: To blackout a text, use the following code:

Your text goes here

Replace “Your text goes here” with the text you want to blackout. Be sure to include the quotation marks.

How do you uncover an Iphone markup?

Answer: It’s not easy to uncover an iPhone markup, but there are a few things you can do.

The first step is to find an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers are required by Apple to sell iPhones at the same price as the Apple store. So if you’re looking for a discount, unauthorized dealers are your best bet.

You can also try checking online auction sites like eBay or Craigslist. Just be careful to avoid scams and make sure you’re getting a legitimate iPhone deal.

Finally, if you’re really determined to find a bargain, you can always try buying an iPhone in another country. The prices tend to be cheaper in places like India or China, but keep in mind that you’ll likely have to pay

How do you remove scribbles from Iphone Photos?

Answer: If you have an iPhone Photo that has scribbles or markings on it that you would like to remove, there is an app called “Touch Retouch” that can help. This app is available on the App Store for $1.99.
The steps to removing these markings are as follows:
Open the Touch Retouch app and select the photo you would like to edit.
Zoom in on the area of the photo where the scribbles are located.
Tap and hold on the scribble until a menu pops up with different options for deleting it.
Select “Erase” from the menu and tap on “OK” when prompted. The scribble will be deleted from

How do you use markers on Iphone?

Answer: The markers allow you to highlight or underline text on a web page, then save the highlighted text to your notes.

To use markers on iPhone, open the Safari browser and go to the web page you want to highlight. Tap and hold on the text you want to highlight until a menu pops up. Then tap “Marker.” The marker will turn yellow.

If you want to underline text instead of highlighting it, tap the “Underline” button in the menu that pops up instead of the “Marker” button.

To save the highlighted text, tap the “Share” button in the menu and choose “Notes.” The highlighted text will automatically be copied into your notes app.

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