how to transfer internal storage to sd card in samsung

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Answer: You should be able to do it by going into the settings of your phone. Look for an option called “storage.” It should show you how much storage is being used on your internal device and your SD card. If the numbers aren’t equal, that means that not all of your photos, videos, etc are being stored on the SD card. You can change this by tapping on the “change” button and selecting which items you want stored on your SD card. (Note: some items, like downloaded music and apps, can’t be moved to the SD card.)

What do I do when my default storage is full?


There are a few things you can do when your default storage is full. One is to clear some space by deleting unused apps or files. You can also try Conserv, an app that helps free up space on your device. If you’re still struggling, you may need to upgrade to a higher storage capacity.

How do I get unlimited internal storage on my Android?

Answer: By rooting your Android phone and then using a tool like Titanium Backup, you can get unlimited internal storage.

Rooting your Android phone gives you complete control over your device and allows you to do things like install custom ROMs, increase the amount of internal storage, and more. Titanium Backup is a powerful tool that lets you back up your apps, data, and system settings, as well as uninstall bloatware (pre-installed apps that you don’t use or want) and freeze/unfreeze apps without having to root them. With Titanium Backup, you can essentially have unlimited internal storage on your Android phone.

How do I use my SD card as storage instead of internal storage?


If you’re looking to use your SD card as storage instead of internal storage, there are a couple of things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to format your SD card as
ESDFS (Extended Size Database File System). You can do this by opening up settings on your phone and tapping on “Storage.” From here, tap on the menu icon in the top right
corner and select “Format as ESDFS.” Once your SD card is formatted, you can move apps and files over to it by going into settings and selecting “Move to SD Card.” This
option will be under the app’s info page. Keep in mind that not all apps can be moved to

Can I move all my apps to SD card?

Answer: It depends on the type of phone you have and the app.

For Android phones, if your phone has an SD card slot, you can move apps to the SD card. To do this, open Settings and select Applications. Select Manage applications and then select the app you want to move. Tap Move to SD card and then tap OK. If your phone doesn’t have an SD card slot, you can’t move apps to the SD card.

For iPhone or iPad, certain apps can be moved to iCloud Drive to free up storage space on your device. To do this, open the Settings app and tap iCloud > iCloud Drive > Storage > Change Storage Plan. You can then choose which apps you want to store in