how to use apple credit for in app purchases

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Answer: Apple ID credits can be used to purchase apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and more from the App Store, iTunes Store or iBooks Store. To use your credit, simply find the item you’d like to purchase and select Buy with Apple ID Credit from the payment options. Once you’ve selected an item to purchase, five easy steps will guide you through using your Apple ID account balance:

  1. Select Account from the main iTunes window.
  2. Enter your password when prompted and click View Account.
  3. Scroll down to Purchase History and click See All.
  4. Find the transaction that includes the item you’d like to return and click Report a Problem next to it.
  5. From the

How do I use my Apple balance for in-app purchases?


If you have an Apple ID balance, you can use it to pay for iCloud storage, subscriptions like Apple Music or News+, or purchases from the App Store. Just make sure that you’re signed in with the correct Apple ID.

To check your balance, open the App Store app, tap your profile photo or icon in the upper-right corner, then tap Purchased. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID. Under Purchase History, tap “see all.” If you see items that you purchased with a different device or account, tap them to view their purchase history. If there’s an unpaid balance because you didn’t have enough store credit to cover a subscription or other purchase, tap Manage Subscript

How do I use my Apple ID balance instead of my credit card?

Answer: Whenever you make a purchase on the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store, you can use your Apple ID balance instead of your credit card. To do this, choose your Apple ID as the payment method and then tap Use Your Balance.

You can also use your Apple ID balance to buy items in iCloud Storage, Apple Music memberships, and more. If you have a Family Sharing account, you can use your balance to pay for things like App Store and iTunes purchases made by other family members. For more information about using your Apple ID balance, go to

How do I transfer apple balance to Apple pay?


You can’t directly transfer apple balance to Apple Pay. However, you can use your apple balance to buy things from Apple’s online or physical stores. Additionally, you can use your apple balance to buy iTunes or App Store gift cards, which you can then use to pay for things with Apple Pay.

Can I use my iTunes balance for Apple Pay?


No, you cannot use your iTunes balance for Apple Pay. Your iTunes balance can only be used for purchasing products and services from Apple, such as apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and iCloud storage. If you want to use Apple Pay, you’ll need to add a credit or debit card to your iPhone’s Wallet app.