is ps vr worth it

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Yes, PS VR is worth it. It’s a great way to experience virtual reality without breaking the bank. It’s also surprisingly easy to set up and use, and the graphics and sound are great. The PlayStation Camera and Move controllers provide an immersive experience, and the range of games available makes it a great choice for those looking to get into VR gaming. With the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, you get the headset, camera, and two Move controllers for a great price.

Q: What games are compatible with PS VR?
A: There are a variety of games available for PS VR, including Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Beat Saber, Skyrim VR, Superhot VR, and many more. There are games to suit all tastes, from action-adventure and horror to puzzle and sports. There’s something for everyone.

Q: Is PS VR wireless?
A: No, the PS VR is not wireless. It requires a connection to the PlayStation 4 via a wired connection. The headset also requires a connection to the PlayStation Camera.

Q: Does PS VR require a PlayStation Plus subscription?
A: No, a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to use the PS VR. However, some games may require a subscription in order to access online features.

Q: Does PS VR work with PC?
A: No, PS VR is not compatible with PC. It is only compatible with the PlayStation 4.

Q: Is PS VR good for PC gaming?
A: No, PS VR is not suitable for PC gaming. It is only compatible with the PlayStation 4.

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