What happens when you block someone on cash app?

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What happens when you block someone on cash app:

you will no longer be able to send them money.

You can still receive money from them and they can contact you if they have your phone number in their contacts.

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When you block someone on Cash App Can they still see you?

Cash App is a mobile payment application that allows for peer-to-peer payments and person-to-business transactions.

The app has the option to block others, which will prevent them from seeing the user’s profile or sending messages.

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Can you block a person on Cash App?

Yes, you can block a person on the cash app. You can also unblock them if you decide to do so.

What happens when you unblock someone on Cash App?

If you have blocked someone on Cash App, you can simply unblock them.

To do this, go to the app’s profile and select “Unblock”. The person will be removed from your list of blocked users.

When I block someone from Cash App can I unblock them later?

When you block someone from the Cash App, they’ll no longer be able to use the app.

They can’t send you messages or request money. You won’t see them in your contact list either.