why does facetime say join

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why does facetime say join, the app will say “Join” when the call is answered. This is because FaceTime is an app that allows users to video chat with other Apple users. Joining the call indicates that the person on the other end has accepted the FaceTime call.

Q1. What does it mean when FaceTime says join?

A1. When FaceTime says “Join”, it means that the person you are calling has accepted the call and is now connected to the call.

Q2. How do I join a FaceTime call?

A2. To join a FaceTime call, tap the “Accept” button when you receive the call notification. This will connect you to the call.

Q3. How do I start a FaceTime call?

A3. To start a FaceTime call, open the FaceTime app and enter the contact information of the person you want to call. Tap the “Call” button and wait for the other person to answer.

Q4. Can you FaceTime someone without them accepting?

A4. No, FaceTime calls require the other person to accept the call before they can join the video chat.

Q5. What happens when someone declines a FaceTime call?

A5. When someone declines a FaceTime call, the call is disconnected and the caller will receive a notification that the call has been declined.