will someone know if i hide their comment on facebook

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Yes, someone will know if you hide a comment on Facebook. Hiding comments is actually against the company’s guidelines and can result in disciplinary action being taken against you.

Why are some comments hidden on my Facebook page?

Facebook has a feature called “shadow banning” that blocks certain comments from being seen by other users. This can be done for a number of reasons, including if the comment is offensive or inflammatory.
If you’re one of the people whose comments are shadow bans, there’s no need to worry. You will still be able to see and respond to your own comments, but other users won’t be able to see them. You can also unfollow any individuals who are preventing you from seeing your posts or replies. If this continues after asking friends and family members not to block you, then it may merit further investigation into Facebook’s policies and procedures.

Do people see this comment has been hidden?

Yes, comments that have been hidden will not show up in search results or on the front page of your blog. This is a way to keep your comment section clean and accessible for all users. If you delete a commenter’s entire comment chain (or block them), their comments will also be hidden.

Can I hide someone’s comment on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you cannot hide someone’s comment on Facebook. Comments are public content that is visible to everyone on the page, and it is inappropriate to censor or remove comments from a public post.

Do people see this comment has been hidden?

Comments have been hidden on a post for a variety of reasons, including spoilers, offensive language or hate speech, or personal information. If you see that your comment has been hidden, please reach out to us so we can remove it and make sure that all comments are accessible to everyone.

How do I hide posts from people on 2022 Facebook?

You can hide posts from specific people on Facebook by setting their posts to be ‘private’. This will keep those posts hidden from your friends, as well as anyone who may have been tagged in the post. Additionally, you can set filters so that only certain types of posts are visible to your friends. For example, you could choose to see only photos or just news articles.

What does a hidden comment look like on Facebook?

A hidden comment is a comment that you input into a Facebook post but which doesn’t show up on the public page. This type of comment can be useful for hiding controversial or inflammatory comments, jokes, or thoughts before they are published. You can also use it to keep track of responses to specific posts without having to go through all the individual comments.
To make a hidden comment, simply click on the three dots next to any post and select “Hidden Comment.” Then enter your desired remarks and hit “submit.” Your friends won’t be able to see this comment until after it has been approved by Facebook (usually within 24 hours).